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Nameless 7 Part 1 Nameless 7 Part 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nameless, I have missed you so. The antics of a crippled child and a robotic cholate man hit so close to the heart :') . My rating biased or not I fele it deserves 5 stars Animation was top notch, Music was fitting and very well crafted, and it was humourous. At least it was to me. Keep it up Yotam and thank you for bringing back this treasure.

The Super Rope Solution The Super Rope Solution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This a cool little humorous yet intelligible look at the subject. I liked it, it was quirky, well animated, and even metaphorical. You have some high quality works and this is just succeedding in that tradition, keep it up can't wait to see more.

grabbelfant responds:

You can't wait to see more? Well I think you have to because it takes some time to make more, but it's on its way. Oh and thanks!

Apple Consumers Apple Consumers

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The animation was alright, a lot better than most I have seen and I have have seen some shit-tastic animation. Clear joke and the writing was fine so was the voice acting even through the quality it was in it was good. But I have to say one thing, and that is I know Egoraptor is fucking awesome and his style is kick ass but I mean try to develop it to your own a bit even if you use parts of his style. I see so many animators anymore redoing completely what he does, but I mean it's not that bad of a thing but it would make your animations so much more if you put your own vibe or style on it then to just recycle and reuse it. Over all it was a good animation, so I'm not taking that down just adding some advice. And I know this was probably more of a joke style animation nothing to be taken serious, but still I just wanted to throw that in there.

Normal NG Comment!:
I will agree with you there are a lot of shitty things to come from apple but Microsoft is horrible. Bill Gates can suck a giant bag of dick. That is all.

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Recent Game Reviews

Cardinal Cardinal

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quite enjoyable, and challenging. Good game to help get you focused or on the ball...err square. Anyhow simple and intriguing idea, clean and aesthetically pleasing production, addictive game play, and a great soundtrack. The dynamics of quick thinking, reflex, and focus all wrapped up in a simple little package, great job guys keep it up can't wait to see what you make next.

P.S. If you guys could post up the song you use for this I would be more than grateful because that is some great tunage.

HybridMind responds:

Thanks very much, glad to hear you enjoyed it! The soundtrack uses a song called "Ice Flow" by Kevin Macleod. He's that guy that makes TONS of royalty free music. I was browsing his electronic section and just loved the track. That's where you can find it! I also do credit him in the credits screen (but I know no one ever reads those.) It was part of the license to do so though. Thanks again for playing!

Every day the same dream Every day the same dream

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A piece of art

I have told few people this, that this is what keeps me coming back to Newgrounds. People like you whot take time and effort and actually put something in their flash. Don't get me wrong I don't mind the meaningless random overly done comedy you find here on Newgrounds. But it's just when you find something like this with time, effort, and meaning put into it thats what makes a difference, that's what makes it great. I can't say anything bad about this game I enjoyed it music and all. Great job.




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Punk-o-matic 2 Punk-o-matic 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I cannot see any flaw for this game its a music-maker and RPG all in one! This game is the absolute best I have ever played on NG (thats because I happen to be a major fan of rock music and rythm games. I can't wait to see what Punk-o-matic 3 holds in the future!




Btw for people who might enjoy it here is my new song its still in progress and another of my songs I like:

(Breathe work in progress)-ncT-ccT-ccT-ccJ-acI-adf-iaC -gaC-gaC-gcU-ccR-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-ccQ-
ccQ-caC-gaC-gaC-gaC-gcU-ccU-ccD-acE-a aC-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-M,-kps-cps-cps-cps-ccg-d !!-goj-coi-coj-coi-coj-coi-opm-cob-co b-cob-cok-coj-coi-coj-coi-cos-cot-cos -cot-kpm-coj-coi-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-I,hC-ahC-a hC-ahD-ahu-cbx-sfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-cf T-cfT-cfT-gaP-caP-caP-caP-caP-caP-caP -cfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-cfT-khu-
ccg-d!!-gho-cho-cho-cho-cho-cho-coh-c oh-coh-coh-coh-coh-coh-cpm-cho-cho-ch o-cho-cho-cho-cho-cho-coh-coh-cpm-cho -cho-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-I

(Wings of Liberation)-hbI-gbI-gbI-gbI-gbI-gbP-g bP-gbI-gbI-gbI-gbI-gcg-gcg-gcg-gcg-gb p-gbp-gbp-gbp-gbp-gcI-acJ-abp-gbp-ccI -acH-acG-bcJ-adf-Z-Z-Z-Z-L,-pms-cms-c ms-cms-cms-cms-cms-cmB-cmE-cmD-cmE-cm y-cms-cms-cnL-cnL-cms-cms-cnL-cnL-cnI -cnI-cnI-cnI-cnI-cnI-cnI-cnI-chf-ghf-
ghf-ghf-ghf-khf-ghf-gbu-Z-Z-Z-Z-Q,-xf O-gfO-gfO-gak-gak-gfO-gfP-cfP-cfO-gfP -cfP-cgl-ggl-ggl-ggl-wgH-ggH-ggH-kgH-
cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cbu-g bu-ggU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cgU-cg K-gfR-ggK-gfR-oos-cos-cos-cos-cos-cos -cos-cos-gos-cos-cos-cos-cbu-e!!-Z-Z-

Recent Audio Reviews

[ b i p o l a r ] [ b i p o l a r ]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have loved your music ever since I really got into the Audio portal. Listening to all this just makes me reminisce about Newgrounds back in the day. But as I've grown to understand music more and gain a higher appreciation and ear for it your music just always seems to get better even. Great song, top notch work, reminds me a lot of Unkle not sure if you might have influence from him or not but you might want to check him out if you haven't I think you'll like him.


Kingbastard responds:

Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. i do know of Unkle, his/their first album Psyence Fiction was a particular fav of mine when it was first released, the other stuff I can take or leave;)

Sam D. Hyde -War is peace[...] Sam D. Hyde -War is peace[...]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Nice!

I like a lot of what you did especially that very smooth mini solo in the beginning which just tied into the chorus like chord riff that came after it was beautiful. I really enjoyed your heavy breakdowns, especially when you added the bass drop to it. Another thing is I love the rhythm you put at the final breakdown in the song that was unique. The way you melded the rhythm of triplet and doubles in there I fell in love man. All in all great job, the only thing I say is it's hard to hear that lead and at times it can seem a little jumbled up but that's really the only thing I can say I notice.

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TheRealSam responds:

Yeah I know what you mean about the lead sometimes getting buried in the song, I don't really know how to fix that, but I'll try ^^
Thanks a lot for the kind words man!! :)

Drowning into the Heavens Drowning into the Heavens

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I haven't heard a piece composed so greatly in awhile on Newgrounds. Something that is just so well put together it takes your breathe away. Something so rhythmically magical the music on it's own can make you have a revelation. But when you take that music, and add a poetic story that can fit it perfectly and REALLY make you feel every piece of the music. Thats when you know, you just experienced something great. I'm not gonna lie to you this is one of the greatest pieces I have ever heard or read, and I thank you both for making this. what you have made I can give no review of but I can give you the praise you so rightly deserve for making this. Great job and don't stop making music or stories, I look forward to the next one you come out with.

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