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2011-09-27 06:00:32 by SuperSamich

That Is all......

New Song!

2011-02-25 04:01:08 by SuperSamich

I have come out with my first new song release in AGES! But no one will know about it because no one reads my updates so I'm talking to myself here -cuts self-. Anyway...check out my song if you do somehow end up reading this, you know you decide to slum it on newgrounds take a break from the egoraptor, johnnyutah, cock joke, ect. Then chek out my song and please comment I'm dying for some criticism...creative criticism not asshole criticism. To the main point, my song Why!? I like it but I want to hear what you think. So other then that Peace out.

W00t! 2 songs

2009-11-26 21:03:43 by SuperSamich

My first contribution to Newgrounds is first of all Danger_Crystalizing . And then there is Mr. Strange So if you read this please check these songs out. And if you don't mind rate and review, well peace out for now.